Forthcoming Guidelines Report






One of the major public outcomes of the ULTimateCO2 project will be the Guidelines Report, due out in November 2015

It will summarise the major outcomes of the project and provide new information and guidance on the best approaches that can be taken to evaluate some long-term processes related to the geological storage of CO2.   

The report is aimed primarily at storage site operators and regulators, although it is also expected to be of interest to national authorities, NGOs and the scientific research community.

The outcomes of ULTimateCO2 provided in this document are intended to be used at various stages in the lifetime of a commercial-scale CO2 storage site: design and setting up - characterisation and monitoring of the reservoir geology - CO2 injection, and after site closure, the Transfer of Responsibility to the Competent Authority.

The report will be hinged around the three high-level criteria, cited in the EC CCS Directive, that must be met to be able to demonstrate permanent containment of CO2:

1. The conformity of the actual behaviour of the injected CO2 with the modelled behaviour;

2. The absence of any detectable leakage;

3. That the storage site is evolving towards a situation of long-term stability.

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