Scientific articles / proceedings



  • Le Gallo (Geogreen), International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control:

​"Hydro-mechanical influence of subseismic blind faults on integrity of CO2 geological storage in deep saline aquifer"


  • Manceau, JC. et al., 2014 (BRGM lead author). Water Resources Research:

"Well integrity assessment under temperature and pressure stresses by a 1:1 scale wellbore experiment"


  • Rohmer, J., et al., 2015 (BRGM lead author). Geophysical Journal International 2015 202 (3): 1566-1580:

"Off-fault shear failure potential enhanced by high-stiff/low-permeable damage zone during fluid injection in porous reservoirs"


  • Van der Veer (TNO)  et al.​, 2015, Proceedings of the 49th US Rock Mechanics / Geomechanics Symposium, ARMA, 2015, 2458-2468:

"A coupled geochemical-transport-geomechanical model to address caprock integrity during long-term CO2 storage"



    • Rohmer, J., 2014 (BRGM lead author). Mathematical Geosciences:

    "Boosting Kernel-Based Dimension Reduction for Jointly Propagating Spatial Variability and Parameter Uncertainty in Long-Running Flow Simulators"


    Proceedings GHGT-12

    • Manceau and Rohmer, 2014 (BRGM lead author). Proceedings GHGT-12 (oral). 

    "Ranking importance of uncertainties for the assessment of residual and dissolution trapping of CO2 on a large-scale storage site"


    • Manceau, JC. et al., 2014 (BRGM lead author). Proceedings GHGT-12 (oral). 

    "1:1 scale wellbore experiment and associated modelling for a better understanding of well integrity in the context of CO2 geological storage"


    • Teles, V. et al., 2014 (IFPEN lead author). Proceedings GHGT-12 (poster). 

    "Coupling basin and reservoir simulators for an improved CO2 injection flow model"


    • Koenen, M. et al., 2014 (TNO lead author). Proceedings GHGT-12 (poster). 

    "Observed CO2-induced reactivity in Werkendam gas field, the Dutch storage analogue




    • Audigane et al., 2013 (BRGM lead author). Proceedings GHGT-11. Energy Procedia 37 (2013) 4655 – 4664:

    "ULTimateCO2: A FP7 European Project dedicated to the understanding of the long term fate of geologically stored CO2"


    • Koenen et al., 2013 (TNO lead author). Proceedings GHGT-11. Energy Procedia 37 (2013) 3452 – 3460:

    "Werkendam, the Dutch natural analogue for CO2 storage - long-term mineral reactions"


    • Manceau et al., 2013 (BRGM lead author). Proceedings GHGT-11. Energy Procedia 37 (2013) 5722 – 5729:

    "ULTimateCO2 project: Field experiment in an underground rock laboratory to study the well integrity in the context of CO2 geological storage"




    • Dimier et al., 2012 (EIFER lead author). Proceedings TOUGH symposium 2012. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, Califrnia, September 17-19, 2012.

    ​"Caprock integrity assessment by reactive transport modelling: a code intercomparison approach"

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