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Work Package 7

Spreading the outcomes of ULTimateCO2 in order to increase the confidence in long-term CO2 storage

Guidelines and dissemination

Leader: BRGM

Participants: all


A key and early (i.e. before the award of a storage permit) requirement of storage projects will be to define site-specific criteria that will allow future site closure and ‘de-licensing’. Fundamental to gaining the initial storage
permit, and indeed a current significant challenge for the broader implementation of CCS, will be agreement between regulators and operator of these criteria to enable transfer of liability back to the Competent Authority
at the point of site abandonment. Based on the project results and other relevant external learning, WP7 will establish guidelines on the most appropriate approaches to establishing the long-term, post-abandonment performance of storage sites, which will thereby enable operators to successfully demonstrate permanent containment as required by the EC Storage Directive.


  • To produce overall project guidelines from the research findings
  • To disseminate project results to four stakeholder groups: policy makers & regulators, CO2 storage developers/industry, the scientific community and NGOs.
  • To increase each stakeholder group’s understanding of the efficiency, safety, and uncertainties of the long-term evolution of CO2 geological storage.


  • Task 7.1 ULTimateCO2 website (led by BRGM)
  • Task 7.2 Project dissemination and liaison with key European CCS players (led by BRGM)
  • Task 7.3 Development of project guidelines (led by BGS)



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Contact: Rowena Stead, BRGM

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